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Incisive Media are proud members of isla.

isla is a non-profit organisation founded as the event industry’s response to the climate crisis. Founded by 12 agencies, isla is an action driven network. It brings together expertise from across the entire events sector, provides resources and training and has developed tools to support and deliver industry wide standardisation and best practice on sustainable practices.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s

Leonardo’s was the first hotel group in the UK to be awarded Gold by Green Tourism and they’ve invested £300,000 in sustainable technologies since 2009. If you’d like to know more about Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul’s sustainable practices, visit their website:

Sustainable Policy:

- Reducing its energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas in particularly CO2 emissions.

- Encouraging participation to educate associates and guests in sustainable business best practices and support positive action in the community where possible.

- Working with suppliers who have good environmental policies to reduce packaging waste and improve the environmental impact of all products purchased.

- Reducing pollution and encouraging our hotels to promote our commitment to the wider community that may encourage greater participation.

- Ensuring that our Business meets the minimum requirements in environmental law in the country and that we comply with legal duties regarding waste management.

- Openly communicating our policies and best practices to stakeholders and the public and monitor and review our environmental performance annually.

Progress in the last 10 years:

- Introduced biodegradable straws in all of Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland in 2018 to cut down on plastic consumption.

- Cut energy use by 9%

- Cut water consumption by 13%

- Reduced CO2 emissions by 20%

- Cut energy use by 10% per room

- Reduce water consumption to 250 litres per room sold