Entry Tips

How to write a good entry

1. Plan ahead

Draft an outline of what you want to get across before you start writing. Entry criteria often state a limited word count so please do stick to it. This will require you to summarise your key points succinctly - don't waste your words and make sure you stick to the point.

2. Create a story

Judges like a clear narrative. Give the entry some structure and go back to grammar school - give the 5 Ws - Who, what, why, where and when.

3. Make sure you answer the questions and/or criteria

Check the entry guidelines to ensure you are covering all of the criteria for your category/categories. Take a bit of time to read it and revert back to it when checking the entry to make sure you've understand the entry process and have covered what the judges will be asked to look for.

4. Give supporting evidence

And choose them wisely. There is so much temptation to upload everything. Please don't do it! Choose the best and most evocative stats, videos, images and testimonials to support your case. Be creative with it and make sure it backs up your entry.

5. Make your summary a movie trailer

Write an exciting executive summary and make sure your best points features here as this is what the judges will read first. Start with a bang.

6. Proof read your entry

Ask someone who was NOT involved in the project to read the entry and ask for honest feedback. Spelling mistakes and typos can ruin an entry.

7. Submit on time

This is just to make the organisers lives easier (thank you) and to ensure your entry doesn't miss the all-important judging period. Ready for the next step?